Monday, October 12, 2009

Still fucking sucking...

So Dru is half way done with his stupid little silly project. And of course this means that I have to make a blog touting how these last six months have been full of complete internet pollution. And to show Dru how blogging is really done (and how he should have done the project with me like he ORIGINALLY SAID HE WOULD!), I'm going to alter some Bon Jovi lyrics about how sucky Dru is. Eat me, Dru.

First up, Living on a Prayer... or in this case, "Still fucking shitty"

Dru's got to give up

his bad blogging

Cause no one is reading them

If he makes them or not

Cause he makes blogs shitty, like "Bot or Not"


Whooah, he's half way there

Whoo-oh, still fucking shitty

He has no friends, nor lovers I swear

Whoo-oh, cause no ones impressed.

Eat me, Johnston. This is Jones' house.

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